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Our Team of Experts

Angela Craig: Sleep Retreat Director

Angela grew up in KwaZulu-Natal passionate about mountains, horses and all animals, music, reading, learning and being close to Nature. She studied Rhodes University, Grahamstown, and graduated as a counselling psychologist with two post graduate degrees in Psychology and in Music and English Literature. She then worked at Cape Town’s Trauma Centre for Survivors of Violence & Torture.

Inspired by Father Michael Lapsley SSM of the Institute for Healing of Memories, she created South Africa’s first dedicated NGO offering psycho-social services to refugees and asylum-seekers. Angela directed this organisation for nine years, along with six major international donors, local staff and volunteer corps from universities around the world. Her service culminated in her being awarded two scholarships to attend and present her psycho-social model of counselling and educational programmes at Oxford University’s Refugee Studies Centre.

During these years, whilst counselling trauma survivors and directing the Agency for Refugee Education, Skills Training and Advocacy, Angela trained in and subsequently included a holistic-integrated approach to healing. She went on to complete a Masters in Reiki, Chi Massage, Psychoneuroimmunology and Applied Kinesiology. She also learnt meditation at the Tibetan Meditation Centre in Cape Town. Angels was on the first psychologists in South Africa to receive accredited Training in the Neurocognitive CBT-I Model developed at The University of Pennsylvania by Professor Michael Perlis.

diagnosis & treatment of sleep disorders
sleep disorders