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Our Team of Experts

Lisa Kevitt: Massage Therapist and Reflexologist

The therapeutic modalities Lisa offers are massage and reflexology. Massage and reflexology are ancient practices providing relaxation and stress relief on many levels. The techniques of massage that she practices are based on the Swedish Massage principles in conjunction with Aromatherapy. Over time and through experience she has incorporated specific movement and pressure point therapy.

Through the application of soft tissue manipulation, these therapies relieve areas of congestion, reduce pain and increase relaxation. Reflexology is a fascinating and profound modality of healing, working with the principle that our bodies are made up of many micro systems within the macro system. From pure relaxation to working with a specific diagnosis, reflexology will aid in removing blockages and restoring energy to depleted areas. The importance of these techniques is to induce a state of being whereby the body’s own healing mechanism can function at its optimum bringing balance to the entire system.


diagnosis & treatment of sleep disorders
sleep disorders